Report a fault

Important information

  • Only report technical faults regarding the website
  • Do not report:
    • Account problems (talk to your registered member)
    • Vehicle problems (talk to the seller of the vehicle)
    • Payment problems (talk to your registered member)
  • Do report:
    • Layout problems or glitches
    • Mistakes or errors
    • Incompatibility errors
    • Any feedback, good or bad
  • Remember the developers are human
  • We read all reports, but might not answer
  • We definitely do not reply to misplaced bids, questions about vehicles or anything unrelated to technical website problems

Common problems and answers

  • The website/cat/dog/cosmic radiation placed a bid all by itself?
    • OK, no it didn't. We have logs that show us every link you click, every page you look at and every button you press. We look forward to hearing your unique explanation how tiddles logged in, found a car you've been looking at, scrolled down and bought you a car.
  • Feature x is missing?
    • All features from the previous version are available, try looking in the menu for a few seconds, we've even added some new ones.
  • Feature y is not working?
    • Everything is tested comprehensively, are you sure you are connected to the internet reliably, logged in? It's possible you are using a device which is not 100% tested or compliant. To be sure, try a different device and let us know.
  • I've found a quirk, glitch, repeatable error or something not compatible?
    • Great, please report it. We want the site to be as compatible and reliable for as many users as possible.
  • Are you really human?
    • Yes, you can believe everything you read on the internet.
  • What happens next?
    • If you report an error, we will investigate and someone will be in touch directly (if appropriate).

Fault info

Are you sure you have read the important information? We do not respond to anything regarding bids, vehicles, forgotten passwords, etc.
Email address
Page with fault (Home/list/details/watchlist/etc)
Device type & browser (PC/Phone/Tablet/Chrome/Firefox/Edge/etc)
Fault description/comments
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